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Current Distribution (Fourth Edition)

All distributions include the full source for hosted and native environments, including cross-compilation tools (summary of distribution contents).

You can use an hg clone to initialise your own repository (as described on the inferno-os source code page on Bitbucket). It is sometimes quicker to initialise your copy of the repository by downloading and unpacking the package described below. You can then simply use hg pull and hg update (or hg pull -uv) to keep it up to date.

Unix-like systems
(FreeBSD, Linux, MacOS X, Plan 9)
Windows 2000, XP, and 7
A snapshot of the complete source tree, including executables such as mk for its reconstruction and the full set of fonts, is available as a gzip'd tar file inferno-20150328.tgz. Download and unpack the archive; note that the contents of the archive is rooted at inferno. There are installation instructions in the file INSTALL. It tells how to change mkconfig and set your path or PATH to the right bin directory before you can remake the tree using mk.

On Linux systems with a Debian base, such as Ubuntu, to compile the graphical version of the system you will need the Debian packages libxext-dev, libxpm-dev, and x11proto-xext-dev installed. You might also need i386 versions of some libraries, since Inferno's emu runs in 32-bit mode only.

On MacOS X, having downloaded and installed the distribution above, you can then download and install pre-compiled executables and libraries, from the gzip'd tar file macosx-386-bin.tgz. To keep the system up-to-date after that, you'll need to fetch updates using Mercurial for Mac, and recompile using the Apple development environment for C, but the macosx-386-bin package allows you to get started with Inferno sooner.

On some systems, the mk executable has not been built; use to build it. You'll need to change the definitions at the top of the file to match mkconfig.

A snapshot of the complete source tree, including executables such as mk for its reconstruction, the full set of fonts, and pre-compiled Windows executables and libraries is available from this Vita Nuova site as a ZIP archive The archive contains a single folder inferno which contains the Inferno distribution (and executables etc.) including the Mercurial repository. Download and unzip the archive. The inferno folder within it expects to live at c:\inferno. If it is located anywhere else, you must edit the file mkconfig (ie, inferno\mkconfig) and change the value ROOT within it accordingly.

To keep the system up-to-date, you'll need to fetch updates using Mercurial for Windows, and recompile using the Windows development environment for C, which Microsoft makes available free to download.

The unpacked inferno directory is a valid Mercurial repository, as if created by cloning the copy at Bitbucket, except that your copy includes extra executables (you can see the additions using hg status). Having unpacked the download, you can give the normal Mercurial command (hg pull -uv) to bring your copy of the archive up to date.

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Archive material

We provide the following as snapshots from history, not in any usable state. They are all git repositories on Bitbucket, mirrored on GitHub.