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Computation Grid Tutorial
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Resource Grid Introduction
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Inferno grid applications provide a way of bringing a collection of resources together into a single grid. Whether your grid consists of one type of resource or a wide variety, Inferno can provide a common mechanism for transparent, secure access.

Grid Resources
The advantages of Inferno grid applications are focused on the three most common types of grid resource:

  • Data Resource - This could be a simple filestore or a more complicated data resource such as a database. Inferno can provide transparent access to data resources, that is, each resource is accessed in exactly the same way irrespective of, and without the user knowing whether, it is located locally or remotely.

  • Compute Resource - Whilst some businesses invest in high performance processing resources, many more have large numbers of desktop PCs and servers connected on an internal network. These machines often spend much of their time idle and can be used to provide a significant increase in computational power for very little cost. Inferno can run hosted on top of Windows, Linux and UNIX, providing an effective way of creating a homogeneous environment for processing parallel tasks. Inferno applications are completely portable across platforms so only one application is needed in order to take advantage of the computing power of a wide variety of machines. Alternatively, Inferno can be used to control execution of native binaries, such as a Win32 application under Windows, across a large number of machines.

  • Device Resource - Grid computing, particularly in scientific organisations, can frequently require the ability to access small, resource constrained devices such as sensors. These resources often have simple interfaces and are not capable of communicating with other network devices using standard protocols. These devices can be connected to a device or machine running Inferno which is then able to act as a gateway and offer up the resources to the rest of the grid.
Cross Platform Integration
Inferno can run on top of Windows, Linux and UNIX as well as natively on most popular processor architectures. Each Inferno system presents the same environment to the applications which means that not only can all Inferno platforms communicate easily using the same, secure protocol, all Inferno applications are also completely portable between platforms. The end result for the user is a seamlessly integrated environment for sharing resources and running applications across multiple platforms.

Your Requirements
Vita Nuova can help you with all aspects of your development including: training, design and implementation. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

More Power
Harness the unused compute power of existing resources
More Resources
Unify resources on multiple machines and across different platforms into a homogeneous environment
More Security
Full support for authenticated, encrypted connections to ensure that resources are only accessed by authorised users and data is kept secure.

Less Complication
Establish a common protocol for all resources, from high powered network ready machines, to small, resource constrained devices
Less Work
Take advantage of Inferno's portable applications, no need to write a different version for each platform.