Camera Service

Find a camera
The namespace provided by the camera service allows the user to control a remote digital camera and download the images currently stored on it. These images are found in the jpg directory and thumbnails of each image in the Inferno image format are found in the thumb directory. From an Inferno shell, any of these images may be viewed using The camera is controlled by writing commands to the ctl file using the echo command e.g. will set the zoom on the camera to maximum. Each of the control commands is a four letter string and with the exception of 'snap' (used to take a photo) take a single integer argument. These four letter commands, along with a description and valid parameter values can be found by reading the abilities file using The tkinterface.dis file is an executable and provides a GUI to the camera using the same mechanism of writing to the ctlfile. All the remaining files may be read using cat to find out some information about the camera's current state. Power and storage contain the camera's power setting (5 = connected to mains supply) and memory usage respectively. Date and state may be written to as well as read from, for example will return the current ' zpos' (zoom position) value.